Hinderstein and Berls Comment on U.S.-Russian Relations

NTI's Corey Hinderstein and Bob Berls discussed the implications of the current souring of U.S.-Russian relations in two interviews with NPR's Michele Kelemen.

Hinderstein emphasized the importance of the U.S. "leaving the door open" for the Russians to participate in the 2016 Nuclear Security Summit process.

Berls lamented the lack of communication between the U.S. and Russia during this difficult period, underscoring the risks of escalation. Berls' comments come on the heels of the European Leadership Network's new report, titled, "Dangerous Brinkmanship: Close Military Encounters Between Russia and the West in 2014."

Listen to the interviews here and here.

November 13, 2014

NTI's Corey Hinderstein and Bob Berls discuss U.S.-Russian relations and the importance of ongoing communication with NPR's Michele Kelemen.

Corey Hinderstein
Corey Hinderstein

Vice President, International Fuel Cycle Strategies