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  • Report

    Civilian HEU Reduction and Elimination Resource Collection

    This collection examines civilian HEU reduction and elimination efforts. It discusses why the continued widespread use, internationally, of HEU in the civilian sector poses global security risks, provides an overview of progress to-date in reducing and eliminating the use of HEU in the civilian sector worldwide, and examines remaining challenges to achieving this goal. The collection also includes detailed analysis ...

  • Project

    The Sam Nunn Distinguished Fellow Program

    The Sam Nunn Distinguished Fellow Program was established by NTI in 2018 to honor NTI co-founder and Co-chair former Senator Sam Nunn, also NTI’s CEO from 2001-2017, for his significant impact in the field of WMD-related risk reduction. The programs brings outstanding talent to NTI on a temporary-term basis to advance NTI’s strategic priorities, provide and gain expertise ...

  • NTI News

    Jill Hruby, Former Director of Sandia National Laboratories, Named First Sam Nunn Distinguished Fellow

    The Nuclear Threat Initiative (NTI) named Jill Hruby, former director of Sandia National Laboratories, as the first Sam Nunn Distinguished Fellow, a new NTI position designed to seed innovation in threat reduction. Her work will focus on the intersection of technology and security. Sam Nunn is the co-founder and co-chair of NTI and served as chief executive officer from 2001 ...

  • NTI News

    NTI | bio Announces Winners of Next Generation Competition, Advances Biosecurity Capability during Global Health Security Agenda Ministerial

    NTI | bio will join senior officials and experts from around the world to advance global biosecurity capability during the 5th Global Health Security Agenda (GHSA) Ministerial Meeting hosted by the Republic of Indonesia on November 6-8, 2018. The winners of NTI’s 2018 Next Generation for Biosecurity Competition, a collaboration with the Next Generation Global Health Security Network, will be ...

  • Treaty/Regime

    United Nations Office of Disarmament Affairs

    UNODA provides support to Member States on disarmament issues. It fosters preventive measures, such as dialogue, transparency, and confidence-building; encourages regional disarmament efforts; and provides information on UN disarmament efforts.

  • Treaty/Regime

    United Nations Security Council

    The UNSC is one of the main deliberative UN organs for security issues. It is the only UN organ that can pass legally binding resolutions.

  • Treaty/Regime

    United Nations First Committee

    The First Committee of the UNGA debates disarmament, nonproliferation, arms control, and international security issues, recommending resolutions and decisions for adoption by the plenary session of the UNGA.

  • Treaty/Regime

    United Nations General Assembly

    The UNGA considers general principles of cooperation in international peace and security, including the principles governing disarmament and arms regulation, and makes recommendations to Member States or the Security Council.

  • NTI News

    NTI Launches New Global Biosecurity Innovation and Risk Reduction Initiative

    NTI | bio, partnering with experts from around the world, launched the NTI Biosecurity Innovation and Risk Reduction Initiative in Cambridge, Massachusetts on October 29. The multi-year project seeks to identify, develop, publicize, and promote concrete and normative actions to reduce global catastrophic biological risks associated with advances in technology.

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