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  • Treaty/Regime

    Nuclear Energy Agency (NEA)

    The NEA is a specialized agency within OECD whose objective is to assist Member countries in maintaining and developing nuclear energy as a safe, environmentally acceptable, and economical energy source.

  • Treaty/Regime

    African Union (AU)

    The African Union was established to promote the unity and solidarity of African countries, defend state sovereignty, eradicate colonialism, promote international cooperation, and coordinate and harmonize Member States’ policies.

  • NTI News

    New Report Finds Nuclear Weapons and Related Systems Increasingly Vulnerable to Cyberattack

    Nuclear weapons and related systems are increasingly vulnerable to sophisticated cyberattacks, and nuclear-armed states must cooperate and accelerate efforts to prevent an attack that could have catastrophic consequences, according to a new report from the Nuclear Threat Initiative (NTI), Nuclear Weapons in the New CyberAge: A Report of the Cyber-Nuclear Weapons Study Group.

  • Report

    Nuclear Weapons in the New Cyber Age

    NTI’s new report, Nuclear Weapons in the New Cyber Age, addresses the study group’s chilling conclusion that a successful cyberattack on nuclear weapons or related systems—including nuclear planning systems, early warning systems, communication systems, and delivery systems, in addition to the nuclear weapons themselves—could have catastrophic consequences.

  • Atomic Pulse


    NTI President Joan Rohlfing reflects on the beauty and the lessons of Hiroshima following her first visit to the city for a roundtable with experts on reducing nuclear risks in North Korea and reducing reliance on nuclear weapons globally.

  • Atomic Pulse

    Five Global Trends in Nuclear Policy

    Five global trends in nuclear policy from the University of San Diego’s Institute on Global Conflict and Cooperation's Public Policy and Nuclear Threats boot camp

  • Treaty/Regime

    Treaty on Open Skies

    The Treaty on Open Skies is an international agreement in which States Parties are given authorization to conduct unarmed observation flights over the territories of other States Parties.

  • Treaty/Regime

    Treaty on the Prohibition of Nuclear Weapons

    The Treaty on the Prohibition of Nuclear Weapons bans the use, possession, development, testing, deployment and transfer of nuclear weapons under international law.

  • Transcript

    Bloomberg TV: NTI Ranks 2018’s Biggest Nuclear Security Threats

    Ernest Moniz, co-chair and chief executive officer at Nuclear Threat Initiative and former U.S. Secretary of Energy, spoke with Bloomberg’s David Westin on “Bloomberg Markets: Balance of Power,” on September 10, 2018. Moniz explained NTI’s latest nuclear security rankings and the biggest global threats to the United States. Below is a transcript of the interview.

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