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Russia to Disguise Mobile Ballistic Missile Launchpads

Russia's ground-transportable ballistic missile firing pads are to be equipped with a new concealment system designed to disguise markings they leave on the ground, making it more difficult to ascertain their whereabouts, RIA Novosti reported on Friday (see GSN, May 21).

The concealment mechanism can disguise fielded launch pads, cover their traces once they have been moved and leave fake paths to misdirect foreign detection efforts, Russian strategic missile forces spokesman Vadim Koval said.

The technology is anticipated to drastically reduce the amount of time needed to hide missile launchers, the spokesman said. 

Yars and Topol-M ICBM launchers stationed with the Teikovo ballistic missile unit in Russia's Ivanovo region are expected around late 2012 to become the first gear to receive the new concealment technology, he said. Long-range missile forces in Novosibirsk and Irkutsk are also slated to receive comparable additions (RIA Novosti, June 1).

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