The dangers are real.
We can create a safer world.
NTI offers solutions.

The dangers are real.

We have entered a new age where the risk of nuclear use—deliberately or by accident or miscalculation—is growing.

Regional tensions, the proliferation of nuclear weapons and materials to make them—along with terrorism and new technologies like cyber—mean the risk of a nuclear weapon or device being used is rising. At the same time, governments’ ability to manage increasingly complex global security risks is eroding.

13,100 Nuclear weapons in the world

9 Countries with nuclear weapons

22 Countries with weapons-usable nuclear materials potentially vulnerable to theft.

25+ Countries working in partnership with NTI and the U.S. Department of State to develop new approaches to nuclear disarmament verification.

We can create a safer world.

NTI’s innovative, pragmatic solutions reduce global dangers and catalyze lasting, systemic change.

We collaborate with governments and experts to generate actionable solutions, galvanize cooperation and demonstrate and de-risk solutions.

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