The Nuclear Threat Initiative protects lives, the environment and our quality of life now and for future generations. 

Every day, we work to prevent catastrophic attacks with weapons of mass destruction and disruption—nuclear, biological, radiological, chemical and cyber. 

Global Nuclear Policy

Working with leaders, partners, and citizens from around the world to develop policies to reduce reliance on nuclear weapons, prevent their use, and end them as a threat.

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Balancing the promise of biotechnology with preventing the biological weapons threat

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Raising awareness, improving security and strengthening global standards to prevent dirty bombs.

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How We Make an Impact

NTI designs innovative threat-reduction projects that show governments the way and build momentum and support for action.

We work with presidents and prime ministers, scientists and technicians, educators and students, and people from around the world. We collaborate with partners worldwide. And we use our voice to raise awareness and advocate for creative solutions.

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Our Team

Founded in 2001 by former U.S. Senator Sam Nunn and philanthropist Ted Turner, NTI is guided by a prestigious, international board of directors and a high-level advisory board. Ernest J. Moniz is Chief Executive Officer, and Joan Rohlfing serves as President. We rely on the generosity of donors to support our work.

Our Experts

Our leaders and experts from government, academia and policy are among the most effective on our issues.

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Our Board

NTI’s board are experts in international security, business, science, diplomacy and international policymaking.

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Reports, opinions, speeches, research and resources on nuclear, biological and chemical threats, missile delivery systems, terrorism and global nuclear policy.


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The dangers posed by weapons of mass destruction and disruption are among the most consequential facing the United States and the world. Reducing these dangers is challenging work. NTI is making a difference.

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