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We are in a new and more dangerous era in which the likelihood of use of weapons of mass destruction is growing. NTI delivers innovative, real-world solutions that address these challenges and create lasting change for a positive future.

Our Impact Model

NTI’s Impact Model drives our work to create the necessary systemic change for a safer world by galvanizing large-scale institutional adoption of proven global security practices and programs.

Our expert analysis shines a bright light on critical security gaps and generates actionable threat-reduction solutions. By stimulating the collective self-interest of government and private-sector forces around the world, NTI then cultivates collaboration and momentum around those solutions. These partnerships forge pilot initiatives that demonstrate and de-risk proposals to catalyze large-scale, enduring institutional adoption.


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NTI by the

These examples demonstrate NTI’s unique ability to engage global government, institutional, and private-sector leaders to act, achieving systemic change.

25+ Our public-private partnership with the U.S. Department of State involves 25+ countries developing innovative monitoring and verification solutions to address complex technical challenges associated with nuclear disarmament verification.

195 GHS Index is the only comprehensive benchmark of health security across 195 countries. Having predicted the world’s weak pandemic response, the Index helps countries improve their ability to prevent and respond to epidemics and pandemics.

Global Health Security Index

Global Health Security Index

The GHS Index highlights individual country needs, boost compliance with international standards, and create better understanding of global capabilities to prevent, detect, and respond to biological threats.

47% The 2020 NTI Nuclear Security Index found that fewer than half of countries have a response plan in place for a cyber incident at a nuclear facility.

$50M With $50 million from Warren Buffett, NTI launched a low-enriched uranium bank to prevent nuclear proliferation by giving countries seeking nuclear power an assured fuel source. The bank, located in Kazakhstan, is now operational.

International IAEA LEU Bank
Past Project

International IAEA LEU Bank

An international bank to supply nations with low-enriched uranium (LEU) to operate nuclear power reactors in case of supply disruption.

5000+ NTI helped conceive and create the now-independent World Institute for Nuclear Security to disseminate best practices for nuclear materials security among more than 5,000 members from 144 countries.

19 In NTI’s dramatic mobile game, Hair Trigger, players encounter--and learn from--19 true stories and close calls included as part of the action.

Safer World 2020
Past Project

Safer World 2020

Engaging U.S. voters about the urgency to reduce nuclear and other WMD threats

What People Say about NTI’s Work

And with your Nuclear Threat Initiative, you helped us ratify the New START treaty, rally the world to secure nuclear materials, strengthen the global non-proliferation regime, and create an international fuel bank for peaceful nuclear power. … That’s an extraordinary legacy and an extraordinary record.
Out of the 10 arms control and nuclear security think tanks, only one has achieved [gender parity] among its ranks: the Nuclear Threat Initiative.
The Nuclear Threat Initiative has undertaken a large number of practical activities that have directly improved international security and U.S. security. They have done things that will ensure that nuclear material can never be in the hands of terrorists.


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