Jon M. Huntsman, Jr.

Former U.S. Ambassador to Russia, China, and Singapore


Jon Huntsman has spent considerable time in public service at the state, national and international levels.  Huntsman began his career in public service as a staff assistant to President Ronald Reagan.  He has served each of the five U.S. presidents since then in critical roles around the world, including as the Ambassador to Singapore, Deputy Assistant Secretary of Commerce for Asia, U.S. Trade Ambassador, U.S. Ambassador to China, and most recently, U.S. Ambassador to Russia.  Huntsman is the only American ambassador in history to have served as Chief of Mission in both China and Russia.  In all four Senate confirmations, he received unanimous votes. 

Twice elected governor of Utah, Governor Huntsman brought about strong economic and tax reforms, tripled the state’s rainy-day fund, and helped bring unemployment rates to historic lows.  Historically, Huntsman was one of Utah’s most popular governors, reaching approval ratings as high as 90 percent.  During his tenure, Utah was named the best managed state in America and ranked number one in the nation in job growth.  Recognized by others for his service, Governor Huntsman was elected as Chairman of the Western Governors Association, serving nineteen states throughout the region.

Ambassador Huntsman was a candidate for the Presidency in 2012 where he ultimately placed third in the New Hampshire primary before bowing out.  He currently serves on the boards of Ford Motor Company and Chevron and has previously served as Chairman of the Atlantic Council and on the boards of Caterpillar Corporation and Hilton.  He has also previously served as a trustee of the U.S. Naval Academy Foundation, the University of Pennsylvania, the Reagan Presidential Foundation, as well as Chairman of the Huntsman Cancer Foundation.  He was recently inducted into the American Academy of Diplomacy and has received the U.S. State Department’s top honor – the Distinguished Service Award – along with the highest recognition from the CIA for distinguished service.

Huntsman is a seventh generation Utahn and has been married for 36 years to Mary Kaye Huntsman.  Together they are the parents of seven children, including two adopted daughters from China and India.  His two sons, both graduates of the U.S. Naval Academy, are active duty naval officers.  Huntsman is a graduate of the University of Pennsylvania and has ten honorary doctoral degrees.


Leaders must untie the ‘knot of war’ in Europe


Leaders must untie the ‘knot of war’ in Europe

“The risk of an accident, miscalculation, or disastrous decision is especially ominous when the two countries with the largest nuclear weapon arsenals are on opposite sides.”


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