Cultivating Confidence: Verification, Monitoring, and Enforcement for a World Free of Nuclear Weapons

The book Cultivating Confidence: Verification, Monitoring, and Enforcement for a World Free of Nuclear Weapons (Nuclear Threat Initiative, 2010) offers the reader guidelines for policymaking that will ultimately reduce nuclear dangers throughout the world. Although important work has been done over the years to define major mileposts on the path to disarmament, there are still a number of key areas—including verification—that contain gaps in the conceptual framework and technical details. This study, which focuses on the key issues associated with verifying, monitoring, and enforcing, offers some possible solutions to these challenges.

The key topics discussed include:

  • The political dimensions of determining effective verification and enforcing of the rules in a nuclear weapon-free world
  • Fostering the confidence of non-nuclear weapon states in verification
  • Verifying the nonproduction and elimination of fissile material for nuclear weapons
  • Verifying the dismantlement of nuclear weapons and the nonproduction of new nuclear weapons
  • Verifying reductions and elimination of tactical nuclear weapons
  • The role of the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) in a world that is reducing stockpiles of nuclear weapons
  • The role and responsibility of the civil sector in managing trade in specialized materials 

Edited by Corey Hinderstein

Contributors: Steven P. Andreasen, Everet H. Beckner, James Fuller, Steinar Høibråten, Edward Ifft, Halvor Kippe, Harold Müller, Annette Schaper, Thomas E. Shea, Ralf Wirtz

The contributors are among the top international experts in the field, many having worked at high levels in governments, in national laboratories, and the International Atomic Energy Agency. 

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October 13, 2010

In a new book edited by NTI Vice President Corey Hinderstein, experts explore verification, monitoring and enforcement in a world without nuclear weapons.

Corey Hinderstein
Corey Hinderstein

Vice President, International Fuel Cycle Strategies