A Conversation with Sam Nunn, Igor Ivanov, and Des Browne on Building Mutual Security in the Euro-Atlantic Region

On September 12, the German Marshall Fund of the United States will be hosting a discussion on the findings from "Building Mutual Security in the Euro-Atlantic Region," the report of a track II dialogue co-chaired by Des Browne, Wolfgang Ischinger, Igor Ivanov, and Sam Nunn, together with a group of over 30 former senior political and military leaders and experts drawn from Europe, Russia, and the United States. 

"Building Mutual Security" proposes a new approach to security in the Euro-Atlantic region, including the obstacles posed by a corrosive lack of trust and looming uncertainties in the European and global strategic landscape. The report outlines practical steps that can be taken today on nuclear and conventional weapons, missile defense, cyber-security, and other pressing issues.

To attend, contact Jago Kosolosky at +32 223 852 91 or [email protected]

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Choubey Calls for Key Actions for a Successful Summit


Choubey Calls for Key Actions for a Successful Summit

In a new piece for the European Leadership Network, Deepti Choubey lays out key steps states should take to tap the full potential of the 2014 Nuclear Security Summit.

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