Susan Eisenhower, President of the Eisenhower Institute, Addresses the National Press Club

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Susan Eisenhower Addresses National Press Club on “Terrorism and the Nuclear Question”

WASHINGTON—On February 11, President of the Eisenhower Institute Susan Eisenhower addressed the National Press Club on the issue of “Terrorism and the Nuclear Question.” The speech was broadcast live on both C-SPAN and National Public Radio.

“While the nation is still in mourning for the victims of the September 11th tragedy,” Ms. Eisenhower said, “Americans are being bombarded with threat assessments that outline every conceivable and unspeakable scenario of future attack.” However, she pointed out that while many of these scenarios are possible, some are more probable than others. Since there is no such thing as “absolute security” or “limitless resources,” she said, “the government will have to assess these threats properly so it can take immediate steps that are practical, affordable and sustainable.” In today’s world, such a strategy means that America must enlist and sustain the help of its allies, including Russia.

Eisenhower focused most of her address on the challenges facing US-Russian cooperation in the war on terrorism and in nuclear nonproliferation. She cautioned that there is still significant work to be done, including dealing with the threat posed by tactical nuclear weapons.

She concluded by saying that, “…this is the first time in history that the US has the support of all the world’s major players. Without a solid coalition it would be hard to imagine how we would be able to gather intelligence, police borders, and operate globally with any efficiency. Keeping the coalition together should be our country’s highest priority. Teamwork only succeeds when members understand the objective, when they are treated with respect, and when they are allowed to feel a stake in the outcome.” Eisenhower therefore called on the Bush administration to weigh any future war options against the necessity to maintain the resolve of the international coalition.

For a copy of Ms. Eisenhower’s remarks, please contact Tyler Nottberg at The Eisenhower Institute at [email protected].

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