How to Better Prepare the World for a Biosecurity Crisis – Beth Cameron on The 80,000 Hours Podcast

Beth Cameron helped the White House fight Ebola. Now, she’s
NTI’s vice president for Global Biological Policy and Programs, and she has
some bad news: “The nations of the world aren’t prepared for a [biosecurity] crisis.”
Equally frightening, Cameron says, is that “advances in biotechnology may make
it possible for terrorists to bring back smallpox – or create something even

Cameron discussed these issues recently in an
with The 80,000 Hours
, which provides career advice for talented young people who want to
have a social impact. The interview, which can be heard
covers the current state of play in disease control and offers advice
on how to find a job where it’s possible to make an impact.

NTI is working to help improve global biosecurity
preparedness, through programs like the Global
Health Security Agenda (GHSA)
and an upcoming
that will assess and rank countries using a set of health security

Learn more about our biological work here.

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