J.B. Fuqua Contributes $1 Million to NTI


Entrepreneur and philanthropist J.B. Fuqua has contributed $1 million to support the work of the Nuclear Threat Initiative (NTI) in reducing the threats from nuclear, biological and chemical weapons, NTI Co-Chairmen Ted Turner and Sam Nunn announced today.

"We are greatly honored that J.B. Fuqua has chosen to support NTI,” said Mr. Turner. “I have always admired J.B. and consider him to be one of the smartest businessmen I have ever met. It is a testament to the urgency of NTI's mission that leaders of such stature as J.B. Fuqua and Warren Buffett have seen fit to support its critical efforts of keeping dangerous weapons and materials out of the world's most dangerous hands."

Mr. Fuqua is Chairman of the Board of The Fuqua Companies in Atlanta. His support for NTI’s work follows years of interest in Russia and the former Soviet Union. Most notably, in 1989, Mr. Fuqua contributed $4 million to create the Center for U.S.S.R. Manager Development at Duke University’s Fuqua School of Business. This cooperative program between the U.S. and former Soviet Union was the first to educate Russian managers in the business practices of free-market enterprises.

“J.B. was one of the earliest and most far-sighted leaders in recognizing the importance of training young Russians in the principles of business and the free enterprise system,” said Senator Nunn. “His generosity and vision helped create a new foundation of Russian business leadership, which is playing a big role in shaping a new approach to economics in Russia and the former Soviet Union. Now, J.B.’s contribution to NTI will support our efforts to create a U.S.-Russian led Global Coalition Against Catastrophic Terrorism to secure nuclear, biological and chemical weapons and materials wherever they exist.”

“NTI is undertaking work that is vital to the security of Americans, Russians and the global community,” said Mr. Fuqua. “I see this as a good investment in our cooperative future.”

“In creating one of the most comprehensive business education programs ever developed for Soviet managers, Mr. Fuqua helped stimulate private enterprise in the former Soviet Union and has promoted positive, long-term relations between the U.S. and Russia,” said NTI Board member Vladimir Lukin, the first Russian Ambassador to the United States after the Cold War and current Deputy Chairman of the Russian Duma. “We are grateful for his support and continued interest in strengthening cooperation between our two nations.”

The Nuclear Threat Initiative is a charitable organization working to reduce the threats from nuclear, biological and chemical weapons. NTI brings together people with different ideological views around a common ground mission focused on immediate actions to close the gap between the global threats and global response. Co-chaired by CNN founder Ted Turner and former Senator Sam Nunn, NTI is governed by an international Board of Directors with members from nine countries. Additional information can be found at


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