Lack of Trust Inhibits Cooperation, Says Nunn in Brussels

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Former Senator Sam Nunn, former Russian Foreign Minister Igor Ivanov and UK parliamentarian Des Browne discussed their report, Building Mutual Security in the Euro-Atlantic Region, at a September 12 event hosted by the German Marshall Fund in Brussels. 

Speaking in the midst of fast-moving events ahead of the recent Syrian chemical weapons agreement, Nunn called the proposal "a potential game-changer."  On the sequence of events, Nunn said, “The question I have is, why did we have to more or less stumble into that?…Why can’t we do these things earlier?”

Nunn, Ivanov, Browne and report co-chair Wolfgang Ischinger were in Brussels for meetings with officials from Europe, Russia and NATO about a new direction for Euro-Atlantic relations, as detailed in Building Mutual Security.  The report calls for a new politically-mandated dialogue among the United States, Europe and Russia.

The following week, the European Leadership Network hosted a seminar on the report, which included Sen. Nunn and Lord Browne, as well as Building Mutual Security participants.

Read coverage from The Wall Street Journal and Jane's Defence Weekly on the German Marshall Fund event.   Get a play-by-play by exploring the hashtag #GMFMutualSecurity on Twitter.

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