Laura Holgate featured in King’s College London’s Nuclear Security Briefing Book

last week’s International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) General Conference, the
Centre for Science & Security Studies at King’s College London released
their Nuclear Security Briefing Book,
which includes a foreword from NTI Vice President for Materials Risk Management
Laura Holgate.

The briefing
book is a comprehensive guide to the global nuclear security structure for
policymakers and practitioners. The guide also includes information on risk
materials and relevant international arms control and nonproliferation

her foreword, Holgate reminds readers that “Nuclear security is unquestionably
the responsibility of each state.” She adds that “Every state also has a stake
in the nuclear security practices of their neighbors, allies, and rivals,
because a nuclear incident anywhere in the world will have global implications.” 

the three years since the last Nuclear Security Summit, however, political
attention has shifted and leaders have failed to  make progress on strengthening nuclear
security at home or internationally. This political stagnation has been
compounded by a general sense of dissatisfaction with the pace of nuclear
disarmament and varying perceptions of the threat.  

2019 Nuclear Security Briefing Book provides an overview of the developments
the nuclear security regime has incorporated as a response to new challenges
and shifting threat perceptions. It can be used as a reference guide for
policymakers, practitioners, or students looking to gain a better understanding
of the international security structure and its course direction over the past
ten years.

the full Nuclear Security Briefing Book

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