NTI and Emirates Nuclear Energy Corporation Continue Partnership on Nuclear Energy Development and Nonproliferation

In a ceremony at the Nuclear Threat Initiative (NTI) on Oct. 24, 2022, NTI Co-Chair and CEO Ernest J. Moniz and Emirates Nuclear Energy Corporation (ENEC) Managing Director and CEO His Excellency Mohamed Al Hammadi signed a three-year agreement for a new collaborative nuclear security project between NTI and ENEC. The project, “Building a Cooperative Approach to the Future of Nuclear Energy Development and Nonproliferation,” will examine existing standards in nuclear energy development and identify new cooperative fuel cycle strategies that support the global expansion of nuclear energy in a responsible, sustainable, secure, and transparent manner.

“We’re embarking on a collaboration that is focused on an important problem: nuclear energy at a time of climate change and heightened sensitivity in energy security,” Moniz said. “In terms of fuel cycle development and addressing issues in a responsible way, we couldn’t have a better partner. [The UAE] has ‘walked the walk’ by setting the highest proliferation standards, which is generating tailwinds for even more development.”

Al Hammadi said, “We are delighted to collaborate with NTI on elevating the principles, policies, and lessons from the UAE Peaceful Nuclear Energy Program on a regional and global level. In its 2008 policy paper, the UAE committed to the highest standards of nuclear safety, security, transparency and nonproliferation–which are enshrined in UAE law–and we look forward to sharing our approach and knowledge with other nations. Continuing our partnership with NTI will certainly offer opportunities to do so.”

NTI and ENEC have partnered on nuclear fuel cycle-related issues since 2019. NTI experts traveled to the UAE in December 2019 and September 2022 to lead workshops on the back end and front end of the nuclear fuel cycle, respectively.

“The initial two workshops set forth important questions to be researched and expanded upon in the next phase of work,” Moniz explained. “I encourage us to be forward leaning in our discussions and research as we move forward. As NTI and ENEC learn from each other, it will be crucial to share these lessons with others around the region and the world working in tech, politics, and policy so they can learn, too.”



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NTI, EFI Foundation, Clean Air Task Force, and Emirates Nuclear Energy Corporation Discuss Responsible Nuclear Energy Expansion


NTI, EFI Foundation, Clean Air Task Force, and Emirates Nuclear Energy Corporation Discuss Responsible Nuclear Energy Expansion

Co-Chair and CEO of NTI and CEO and President of the EFI Foundation Ernest J. Moniz, Executive Director of CATF Armond Cohen, and experts from NTI, EFI Foundation, and CATF briefed Managing Director and CEO of ENEC His Excellency Mohamed Al Hammadi and ENEC staff on their work promoting the responsible, sustainable, and effective expansion of nuclear energy.

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