NTI | bio Announces Winners of Next Generation Competition, Advances Biosecurity Capability during Global Health Security Agenda Ministerial

NTI | bio will join senior officials and experts from around the world to advance global biosecurity capability during the 5th Global Health Security Agenda (GHSA) Ministerial Meeting hosted by the Republic of Indonesia on November 6-8, 2018.  The winners of NTI’s 2018 Next Generation for Biosecurity Competition, a collaboration with the Next Generation Global Health Security Network, will be honored at the Ministerial. 

In addition, on November 5th, NTI | bio will co-host a side event to announce new actions taken by countries and regional organizations following the successful kick-off of the NTI Global Biosecurity Dialogue in June.  The NTI team joins other members of civil society for these events as a member of the Steering Group for the Global Health Security Agenda Consortium, a collective of nongovernmental stakeholders committed to helping make the world safe and secure from threats.

Winners of the 2018 Next Generation for Biosecurity Competition

NTI | bio, in partnership with the Next Generation Global Health Security Network, is pleased to announce the winners of the 2018 Next Generation for Biosecurity Competition: Peter Babigumira Ahabwe, Infectious Diseases Institute, Uganda; Dr. Frances Butcher, Oxford School of Public Health, UK; and Javier Rodriguez, National Commission of Atomic Energy, Argentina. Their proposal, “Act Like a Pro: Scenario-Based eLearning for the Next Generation of Biosecurity Learners,” is an openly accessible online platform for students and entry-level professionals.  The “Act Like a Pro” platform will also feature a forum for peer-to-peer discussion, monitored by a biosecurity expert.

The winning team was selected from proposals received across 14 countries and six continents.  Proposals were evaluated by an international expert panel of 24 judges from seven countries across five continents.  The winning team will receive $15,000 to implement their proposal and will be honored during the GHSA Ministerial.  This competition underscores the importance of promoting a global cadre of multi-sectoral, young professionals dedicated to reducing catastrophic biological risks. Follow #NextGenBiosecurity for updates during the GHSA Ministerial.

NTI’s Global Biosecurity Dialogue Sparks Rapid Action Among Countries and Regional Organizations

NTI |bio and the Netherlands will co-host a side event on Nov. 5 to support of the GHSA Action Package on Biosafety and Biosecurity, “Taking Action to Advance Biosecurity and Biosafety Globally: Charting the Future for the Action Package on Biosafety and Biosecurity (APP3).”  New actions toward improved global biosecurity and biosafety will be announced at the event, which emerges from NTI’s successful launch of the Global Biosecurity Dialogue in June as an international cross-sectoral dialogue to elicit and track steps to advance international biosecurity. 

The Global Biosecurity Dialogue is intentionally linked to multilateral fora, including the Global Partnership Against the Spread of Weapons and Materials of Mass Destruction and the GHSA, to build political will and increase international investment in biosecurity and biosafety.  The November 5th forum will feature speakers and highlight announcements from the Association of Southeast Asian Nations (ASEAN), the World Bank, Australia, Canada, the World Health Organization, and the African Centres for Disease Control and Prevention. The event also will include a panel on the successful development and financing of biosecurity and biosafety milestones and an interactive session highlighting barriers and solutions toward enhanced global biosecurity and biosafety capacity. The Global Biosecurity Dialogue is made possible by generous support from Global Affairs Canada and the Open Philanthropy Project.  Please follow #5thGHSA2018 for updates during the GHSA Ministerial.


Thursday, November 1, 2018       

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