NTI | bio Hosts Inaugural Global Biosecurity Dialogue in London

NTI | bio held its inaugural Global Biosecurity Dialogue
this week in London, bringing together more than 60 government officials,
experts, civil society leaders, and international organizations across the
fields of foreign affairs, public health, defense, agriculture, and law
enforcement, to identify practical solutions for strengthening biosecurity and
biosafety globally.

 Following a creative and open discussion, the high-level
participants agreed to the following:

  • The Global Biosecurity Dialogue (GBD) will be a
    forum for enabling action.
  • The GBD will work with regional biosecurity
    experts to overcome barriers and inform development, prioritization, and
    tracking of biosecurity actions. Proposed work streams will address policy frameworks, capability
    development, and emerging biological risk. 
  • Experts will focus on: identifying
    specific barriers, developing creative solutions to national and regional
    biosecurity capability, creating linkages between identified gaps and
    concrete actions to fill them, engaging new
    partners, and enabling and tracking progress.

The GBD complements existing international efforts to prevent,
detect, and respond to biological threats, including the Global Partnership Against the Spread ofWeapons and Materials of Mass Destruction and
the GlobalHealth Security Agenda.
The GBD also serves as a leadership model for identifying new actions and
promoting change within other elements of health security.

 The project is made possible by generous support from Global
Affairs Canada and the Open Philanthropy Project.

Resource: “Current Trends in
Global Biosecurity and Biosafety”
by Ernesto Gozzer and Simo Nikkari.

Global Biosecurity Dialogue Inaugural Meeting
NTI Co-Chairman Sam Nunn at the Global Biosecurity Dialogue
NTI Vice President Beth Cameron at the Global Biosecurity Dialogue
Global Biosecurity Dialogue participants
Global Biosecurity Dialogue group photo


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