NTI Expert discusses WMD issues with NextGen Group

October 4-5, 2017, the Arab Institute for Security Studies (ACSIS), in
partnership with NTI, the Egyptian Council for Foreign Affairs, and the Egyptian
Pugwash Association convened a workshop in Cairo focused on educating the next
generation of experts on security and WMD issues. 

NTI’s Michelle Nalabandian spoke
about the NTI Nuclear Security Index as well as various nuclear security issues
related to NTI’s mission, including the Nuclear Non-Proliferation and Nuclear Weapons Ban Treaties, peaceful uses of nuclear energy, the nuclear fuel cycle, and

Participants included 40 young professionals and graduate students
from the Egyptian Ministry of Foreign Affairs, the League of Arab States, Cairo
University, and the British University in Egypt. The workshop underscored the
importance of trust and cooperation on nuclear and other WMD issues in the
Middle East region and paved the way for future collaboration.

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