NTI’s 2023 Annual Report, Securing the Future, Highlights NTI’s Global Impact

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The Nuclear Threat Initiative’s 2023 Annual Report, Securing the Future, is now available, detailing the organization’s accomplishments in reducing global nuclear and biological threats and addressing the benefits and risks associated with artificial intelligence and emerging technologies.

The report highlights NTI’s impact holding governments with nuclear facilities and weapons-usable nuclear materials accountable for deteriorating nuclear security conditions; erecting and maintaining guardrails around rapidly evolving technologies; fostering next-generation problem solvers; engaging broader audiences to build political will for nuclear risk reduction; and much more. A sample of NTI’s impact on global threat reduction tells the story of 2023:

  • A new NTI initiative to mitigate the nuclear and biosecurity risks posed by rapidly emerging technologies and artificial intelligence
  • A Global Playbook to guide countries on how to adhere to strong nonproliferation and security standards as they rapidly expand nuclear power
  • A new organization dedicated to preventing the potentially catastrophic consequences of misuse or abuse of advances in bioscience and biotechnology
  • A Congressionally mandated Pentagon review of the safety, security, and reliability of nuclear weapons in the face of risks posed by modern technologies.

As NTI Co-Chairs Ernest Moniz, Sam Nunn, and Ted Turner wrote in a letter to readers: “As we pray for peace in Ukraine and across the Middle East, we know the work ahead will be hard. We take heart that for nearly 25 years, on both nuclear and biosecurity, NTI has proved that with your help, progress is possible.”

Read and download the report here.

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