Nunn, Rohlfing Interviewed on North Korea Nuclear Test

In an interview on Atlanta’s NPR station WABE-90.1 FM. in the aftermath of North Korea’s latest nuclear weapon test, NTI Co-chairman and CEO Sam Nunn said that dealing with North Korea has been one of the most difficult challenges for the U.S. government and there are no simple answers in the face of the DPRK’s continued nuclear provocations. The U.S. must work with other countries, particularly China, in a stepped-up effort to convince North Norea to act responsibly.

NTI President Joan Rohlfing, in a separate interview in Washington with NPR’s Michele Kelemen, echoed Nunn’s comments. “It’s not good enough if we’re working this alone and others are not on the same oage as us because, you know, it takes all hands to create this global norm” against testing nuclear weapons, Rohlfing said. “There is a taboo against nuclear testing precisely because the rest of the world has come together and said we aren’t going to test anymore.”

Listen to Nunn’s interview

Listen to Rohlfing’s interview

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