Statement of Ernest J. Moniz and Sam Nunn, Co-Chairs of the Nuclear Threat Initiative, on the Biden-Putin Summit

“We strongly support President Biden and President Putin’s decision to meet today in Geneva. We endorse their decision to begin a new bilateral dialogue on strategic stability aimed at future agreements on arms control and risk reduction measures. Improving security today will require the leaders of the two countries holding the vast majority of the world’s nuclear weapons to act boldly to prevent an incident from turning into a catastrophe.

The clear statement by the two presidents that a nuclear war cannot be won and must never be fought is an important foundation for reducing nuclear risks. This builds on their earlier decision to extend the New START Treaty. Together, these two actions can lead to other practical steps to reduce the risk of nuclear use and avoid an arms race.

Restored dialogue between the leaders of Russia and the United States—and other European leaders, NATO, and the EU—is essential for discussing and adopting principles and practical steps to reduce the risk of miscalculation, manage instability and build mutual security. We stand ready to support the progress made today to advance common interests and move the world in a safer and more hopeful direction.”


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