Statement from Ernest Moniz, Sam Nunn, and Joan Rohlfing of the Nuclear Threat Initiative on the Nomination of Jill Hruby to Lead the National Nuclear Security Administration

“We heartily endorse President Biden’s nomination of Jill Hruby as Under Secretary of Energy for Nuclear Security and Administrator of the National Nuclear Security Administration (NNSA). It’s hard to imagine a better candidate: an experienced leader deeply invested in how the Department of Energy and NNSA contribute to U.S. national security, a proven manager whose thorough understanding of the weapons laboratories will enable her to guide and oversee their work, and a scientist with a deep technical background, who can communicate as easily with engineers and scientists, as with policymakers and the public.

“In 2018-2019, we were honored to have Jill as NTI’s inaugural Sam Nunn Distinguished Fellow, following her tenure as the director of Sandia National Laboratories. At NTI, her work focused on the intersection of technology and security, an area of crucial focus as governments work to harness the benefits of new and evolving technologies and address the inherent risks associated with digitization and other advances. Jill was elected to serve on NTI’s Board of Directors in November 2019.

“With her unparalleled leadership experience and technical knowledge, Jill has helped guide NTI’s global nuclear threat reduction work, including the development and release of the first comprehensive, open-source analysis of Russia’s new nuclear weapon delivery systems.

“With a remarkable combination of technical understanding, analytic skills, and vision, Jill has been an indispensable resource for us and our Board, as well as a mentor to our experienced staff. She would be an outstanding leader of NNSA.

“We are enormously grateful for her work with NTI and are proud to strongly endorse her nomination.”

CONTACT: Cathy Gwin, 202-270-5942, [email protected]

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