Statement of Sam Nunn on the Passing of Peter G. Peterson

“I have lost a wonderful friend with the passing of Pete
Peterson this week – and our nation has lost one of its great business leaders,
public servants and philanthropists.

“A first-generation son of immigrants who embodied the
American Dream, Pete dedicated his life to ensuring that dream would live for future
generations. His work included powerful advocacy for fiscal responsibility. I
was fortunate to work with Pete at The Concord Coalition, a bipartisan effort
to protect America’s fiscal stability and to guard the future for our children
and grandchildren. In this effort, Pete was an inspiration to us all.

“At NTI, we are the proud and grateful beneficiaries of the
Peter G. Peterson Foundation’s philanthropy, and we are honored to have Pete’s
son, Michael, as an outstanding member of our Board.

“Pete’s life was, quite simply, extraordinary. An
intellectual and a visionary, a global business leader and public servant, Pete
was the very best of his generation and his impact will be felt far into the

“Colleen and I send our deepest condolences to the entire
Peterson family, and all of us at NTI are grateful for his many contributions
toward building a better nation and world.”

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