Updated Database Identifies 170+ Incidents Involving Nuclear and Other Radioactive Materials in 2017

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annual Global Incidents and Trafficking Database, produced for NTI by the
Center for Nonproliferation Studies, identified more than 170 incidents of nuclear
and other radioactive materials outside of regulatory control, across 14
countries in 2017.

today, the 
database and report include
interactives (scroll down to view) that
illustrate where the incidents took place and indicate their severity. Two example
cases in 2017 involved the loss of 1.4 grams of highly enriched uranium at a
university in the United States, and the theft and attempted illicit sale
of unspecified quantities of plutonium-239, plutonium-241 and americium-241 in

report offers detailed recommendations to improve physical security measures,
international transparency, and reporting standards.

the full findings and recommendations, visit:

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NTI Index Report in Russian, Chinese, Arabic, French & Spanish


NTI Index Report in Russian, Chinese, Arabic, French & Spanish

Download the Russian, Chinese, Arabic, French, or Spanish translations of the 2014 NTI Nuclear Materials Security Index report’s foreword, executive summary, and select country profiles.

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