Isfahan (Esfahan) Nuclear Technology Center (INTC)

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Last Updated: January 1, 2011
Other Name: Esfahan Nuclear Technology Center (ENTC); Esphahan; Esfahan Nuclear Research Center
Location: University of Isfahan
Subordinate To: Atomic Energy Organization of Iran (AEOI)
Size: Numerous large buildings; approximately 3,000 scientists
Facility Status: Operational

Built with Chinese assistance and opened in 1984, the Isfahan (Esfahan) Nuclear Technology Center (INTC) today is Iran's largest nuclear research complex and employs approximately 3,000 scientists. [1] Isfahan is a multi-purpose research center suspected of being the center of a secret Iranian nuclear weapons program. [2] It operates three small Chinese-supplied research reactors. [3] It also operates a conversion facility, a fuel production plant, a zirconium cladding plant, and other facilities and laboratories. The INTC is the target of both U.S. and UN sanctions. [4] Additionally, UNSCR 1747 imposed an international travel ban and assets freeze on Javad Rahiqi, head of the INTC. [5]

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