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Innovating Verification: Building Global Capacity

Innovating Verification: Building Global Capacity

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Part of the Innovating Verification report series, Building Global Capacity considers the value of expanded international participation in the verification of nuclear arms reductions and how this participation can increase confidence in nuclear threat reduction efforts among all states.

To request print copies, send an e-mail to [email protected]. Visit nti.org/innovatingverification for the full report series.


Chair: Ian Anthony, Ph.D.
Director, European Security Program
Stockholm International Peace Research Institute

NTI Program Lead: Andrew Newman, Ph.D.
Senior Program Officer, International Program
Nuclear Threat Initiative

David Chambers, Ph.D.
Senior Sponsor, Nuclear Treaty Verification
U.K. Atomic Weapons Establishment

Joakim Dahlberg
Inspector, Nuclear Non-Proliferation, Department of Radioactive Materials
Swedish Radiation Safety Authority

Sharon DeLand, Ph.D.
Nuclear Monitoring and Transparency Department
Sandia National Laboratories

Corey Hinderstein
Vice President, International Program
Nuclear Threat Initiative

Robert Kelley
Associated Senior Research Fellow, Nuclear Weapons Project, Arms Control and Non- Proliferation Program
Stockholm International Peace Research Institute
Formerly with the International Atomic Energy Agency

Halvor Kippe
Senior Scientist
Norwegian Defence Research Establishment

Al-Sharif Nasser Bin Nasser
Managing Director
Middle East Scientific Institute for Security, Jordan

Andreas Persbo
Executive Director
Verification Research, Training, and Information Centre

Ole Reistad, Ph.D.
Principal Engineer
Institute of Energy Technology, Norway

Jerry Taylor
Director, Strategic Affairs, Bureau of Arms Control, Verification, and Compliance
U.S. Department of State

Members of the Nuclear Threat Initiative’s Verification Pilot Project endorse the general tenor of this report but were not asked to support each individual finding and recommendation. The views expressed in this report do not reflect those of the institutions with which the working group members are associated. Their affiliations are listed for the purpose of identification only.

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