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Isfahan (Esfahan) Nuclear Technology Center (INTC)

  • Location
    University of Isfahan
  • Type
    Nuclear-Research and Development
  • Facility Status

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Built with Chinese assistance and opened in 1984, the Isfahan (Esfahan) Nuclear Technology Center (INTC) is Iran’s largest nuclear research complex and employs approximately 3,000 scientists. 1 Isfahan is a multi-purpose research center suspected of being the center of a secret Iranian nuclear weapons program. 2 It operates three small Chinese-supplied research reactors. 3 It also operates a conversion facility, a fuel production plant, a zirconium cladding plant, and other facilities and laboratories. The INTC is the target of both U.S. and UN sanctions. 4 Additionally, UNSCR 1747 imposed an international travel ban and assets freeze on Javad Rahiqi, head of the INTC. 5

In July 2022, Iran announced plans to build a new nuclear research reactor at the Isfahan site.6


Nuclear weapon
Nuclear weapon: A device that releases nuclear energy in an explosive manner as the result of nuclear chain reactions involving fission, or fission and fusion, of atomic nuclei. Such weapons are also sometimes referred to as atomic bombs (a fission-based weapon); or boosted fission weapons (a fission-based weapon deriving a slightly higher yield from a small fusion reaction); or hydrogen bombs/thermonuclear weapons (a weapon deriving a significant portion of its energy from fusion reactions).
Research reactor
Research reactor: Small fission reactors designed to produce neutrons for a variety of purposes, including scientific research, training, and medical isotope production. Unlike commercial power reactors, they are not designed to generate power.
Punitive measures, for example economic in nature, implemented in response to a state's violation of its international obligations.


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