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The Israeli Ministry of Defense owns and oversees Rafael Advanced Defense Systems, Israel Aerospace Industries (IAI) and IMI Systems (formerly known as Israel Military Industries (IMI)). Rafael, IAI and IMI account for over seventy-percent of Israel’s defense production. 1 The continued status of these defense firms as state-run enterprises is an ongoing source of debate. While many in Israel’s state-owned defense firms view privatization as an opportunity to expand their businesses, increase their profitability, decrease their vulnerability to government budget cuts, and escape tedious government oversight requirements, they face significant opposition from Israeli labor unions and their allies in the Israeli legislature. 2 Both IAI and IMI entertained plans for privatization. In April 2010, the Ministry of Defense, the Ministry of Finance, and IMI management agreed to either make an initial public offering or sell the company outright, as a result of the firm’s indebtedness and failed profitability. 3 As of December 2021, IMI Systems remains wholly owned by the state of Israel. Unlike IAI and IMI, Rafael’s government-owned status is not in question over the short term. 4


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