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Research & Development Establishment, Engineering

  • Location
    Pune, Maharashtra
  • Type
    Missile-Research and Development
  • Facility Status

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The Research & Development Establishment, Engineering (R&DE) was established in Pune in 1962 by amalgamating parts of the Technical Development Establishment, Vehicles (Ahmednagar) and the Inspectorate of Engineering Stores (Calcutta). The R&DE serves as a “nodal establishment for meeting the requirement of advanced technology equipment for army engineers.” R&DE undertakes research and development in the areas of combat engineering equipment, fluid power based systems, mechatronics, computer aided engineering, NBC protective shelters, environmental chambers, and applications of composites. The R&DE has developed several ground systems for Defence Research & Development Organisation (DRDO)’s Integrated Guided Missile Development Program. These include “mobile and static launchers, propellant systems, power supply systems, HP pneumatic systems, and electro-hydraulic servo control systems.” R&DE has also helped in the development and validation of the tractor-cum-transporter for the 700km-range single-stage Agni-1 missile.


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