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The KCP Limited

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The KCP Limited is a private sector company with an annual turnover of nearly $177.36 million (FY 2021-2022).

The company’s heavy engineering unit at Chennai manufactures:

  • Heat-treatment furnaces used for heat treatment of low-alloy, high-strength steels, ultra high-strength steels, maraging steels, precipitation steels and heat-treatable aluminum alloys; used in missiles developed under the Integrated Guided Missile Development Program.
  • Parts of the airframe such as propellant and oxidizer tanks for the Prithvi ballistic missiles.


Ballistic missile
A delivery vehicle powered by a liquid or solid fueled rocket that primarily travels in a ballistic (free-fall) trajectory.  The flight of a ballistic missile includes three phases: 1) boost phase, where the rocket generates thrust to launch the missile into flight; 2) midcourse phase, where the missile coasts in an arc under the influence of gravity; and 3) terminal phase, in which the missile descends towards its target.  Ballistic missiles can be characterized by three key parameters - range, payload, and Circular Error Probable (CEP), or targeting precision.  Ballistic missiles are primarily intended for use against ground targets.


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