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Tsentralnoye Mining Directorate

  • Location
    Taukent, Suzak District, Shymkent Oblast
  • Type
    Nuclear-Exploration and Mining
  • Facility Status

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Tsentralnoye Mining Directorate entered into production in 1982 at the Kanzhugan deposit. Uranium is extracted using a sulphuric acid leachate. 1 During the Soviet era, material from the Stepnoye and Tsentralnoye Mining Directorates was processed at Kara Balta Ore Mining Combine in Kyrgyzstan. In 1993, Kazakhstan reduced the amount of material shipped to Kyrgyzstan and redirected most uranium ore shipments to Tselinnyy Mining and Chemical Combine in Stepnogorsk. 2 In the 1990s, output from Tsentralnoye fell from from 1,200t in 1991 to less than 800t as a result of falling world prices for uranium and US anti-dumping policies. In 2000, the Directorate reported a 40% increase in productivity due to new pay incentives introduced at the mines. 3 Under a long-term contract, Nukem of Germany buys most of the uranium obtained from Tsentralnoye mines. 4


Tsentralnoye Mining Directorate produces uranium at Kanzhugan and Kainor deposits in Shymkent Oblast using the in-situ leaching (ISL) method. 5


Uranium is a metal with the atomic number 92. See entries for enriched uranium, low enriched uranium, and highly enriched uranium.


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