The Asia-Pacific and Global Nuclear Order in the Second Nuclear Age

The Asia-Pacific Leadership Network
Ramesh Thakur

Director of the Centre for Nuclear Non-Proliferation and Disarmament (CNND), Crawford School, Australian National Univ

Ramesh Thakur, co-convener of the APLN, released a paper highlighting his concerns that all global nuclear risks and threats exist in the Asia-Pacific and in some cases are even more acute in this region. Asia is the principal site of strategic rivalry in the second nuclear age; nuclear disarmament norms continue to be breached most egregiously in Asia as the only continent where warhead numbers are growing; the most serious violations of the non-proliferation norm have occurred here in the last two decades; and it is the sole site of nuclear testing today. Thakur outlines an agenda for action in the second nuclear age, including, recommendations for addressing the North Korea problem and addressing safety and security architecture deficits.

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