Avoiding the Cyber-Nuclear Linkage

Steve Andreasen and Richard Clarke urged President Obama to use his upcoming speech in Berlin to further minimize the role of nuclear weapons in U.S. national security strategy.  Responding to a recent Defense Science Board report in a new Washington Post op-ed, Andreasen and Clarke urged President Obama to keep the nuclear option off the table in response to a potential cyberattack. 

"Integrating the nuclear threat into the equation means making clear to any potential adversary that the United States is prepared to use nuclear weapons very early in response to a major cyberattack — and is maintaining nuclear forces on 'prompt launch' status to do so," they wrote.  "U.S. cyber-vulnerabilities are serious, but equating the impact of nuclear war and cyberwar to justify a new nuclear deterrence policy and excessive Cold War-era nuclear capabilities goes too far."

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