Cyber-Nuclear Forum Moves to the World Institute for Nuclear Security

After five years hosting the Cyber-Nuclear Forum (CNF), where cybersecurity experts from nuclear facilities around the world convene to exchange information and best practices around cybersecurity, the Nuclear Threat Initiative (NTI) has passed the responsibility on to the World Institute for Nuclear Security (WINS), a non-governmental organization focused on promoting best nuclear security practices around the world.

The transition occurred as part of the ninth meeting of the CNF, held from June 25-27, 2024, near Toronto, Canada, where nearly 30 cybersecurity experts from nine countries convened to share their operational experience and discuss various topics including response to cyber security incidents, supply chain challenges, and the impact of artificial intelligence on facility security.

Since 2019, the CNF has brought together cybersecurity experts from nuclear facilities or industry-related organizations around the world, enabling the exchange information and best practices around cybersecurity. The mission of the CNF is to support the mitigation of the risks of cyberattacks on nuclear facilities globally by providing its members with a venue for exchange of cyber security information and practices to enhance their knowledge and expertise. It is the only forum of its kind, solely focused on identifying practical measures to prevent a cybersecurity lapse that could jeopardize not only the facility’s safety, but also global confidence in civilian nuclear power as a safe and reliable energy source. Generous financial support from multiple nuclear operators has enabled the growth and sustainability of the CNF.

With the leadership of the CNF Steering Committee, WINS will help to broaden the reach of the CNF, enhance its impact, and ensure its sustainability. “Looking confidently to the future, WINS is honored to have been chosen to continue the work of NTI and is committed to support the CNF and its Members to fulfill their essential mission of strengthening cyber security at nuclear facilities worldwide” said Lars van Dassen, WINS Executive Director.

“We are gratified to see the success that the CNF has had since its founding by NTI and look forward to seeing it continue to flourish under the direction of WINS” said Page Stoutland, a consultant to NTI who formerly served as vice president of NTI’s Scientific and Technical Affairs program.

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