Des Browne calls on CTBTO leaders and youth organization to work with reluctant states to ratify treaty

In the closing keynote address to the Comprehensive Nuclear-Test-Ban Treaty Organization symposium, Science and Diplomacy for Peace and Security: the CTBT at 20, NTI Vice Chairman Des Browne said its time to start listening more carefully to key states that need to take action to make the Treaty binding.

“At the political and governmental level, efforts to turn these states toward ratification have so far focused on delivering clear and compelling messages that are designed to convince those who are hesitant and those who oppose the Treaty outright that it is in their best security interests – and in the best security interests of the world – if the Treaty is legally binding,” Browne said. “But what if we took a new approach? What if we started listening? Rather than telling non-ratifying states what is in their best interest, rather than repeating our message in ever-stronger and louder voices, perhaps it would be effective to spend more time listening to what the reluctant states have to say. To listen more carefully to their needs, their security concerns, their demands. …

“By listening, I believe we can begin to become agile enough to address important concerns – and to address new concerns as they evolve.” 

Read the speech.

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