Ernest J. Moniz, NTI Experts to Join Institute of Nuclear Materials Management for Annual Event

NTI experts will participate in the 61st Institute of Nuclear Materials Management’s (INMM) Annual Meeting, to be held virtually from July 12-16, 2020. The event will connect technical experts, policy makers, researchers, academicians, and NGOs from around the world to exchange ideas on nuclear materials management, nuclear security, nonproliferation, nuclear safeguards, and more.

NTI has a long history of participation in INMM meetings, and NTI’s Vice President for International Fuel Cycle Strategies Corey Hinderstein is the organization’s immediate past president. This year, NTI Co-Chair and CEO Ernest J. Moniz will be the final keynote speaker of the conference at the Closing Plenary session on July 16 at 15:00 EDT, where he will participate in a facilitated Q&A on topics ranging from Iran to Artificial Intelligence. This Closing Plenary Session will be moderated by NTI Board of Directors member and inaugural Sam Nunn Distinguished Fellow Jill Hruby and Los Alamos National Laboratory’s Associate Lab Director for Global Security Nancy Jo Nicholas.

Throughout the week, other NTI staff will participate in a variety of sessions:

  • International Fuel Cycle Strategies Intern Adriana Nazarko will participate in “Policy and Technical Fundamentals of Nuclear Safeguards,” a July 12 workshop designed specifically for students.
  • NTI Program Officer Jessica Bufford will present on “Voices of Nuclear Security: Perspectives from the Field” during the “Nuclear Security—Looking Ahead” session on July 13.
  • Bufford will also serve as a moderator on Monday for the panel on “Nuclear Security: The Next Ten Years,” where NTI’s Materials Risk Management Vice President Laura S. H. Holgate will be a panelist, and will co-chair the July 15 “University Initiatives” session.
  • NTI Program Officer Alex Bednarek will co-moderate a July 13 panel on "The Nonproliferation Regime," where Vice President Corey Hinderstein will present on "Connecting the Pillars of the NPT: Enabling Multilateral Disarmament Verification While Respecting Nonproliferation Obligations."
  • On July 14, NTI Program Officer Jack Brosnan will present a poster on “Gender Champions In Nuclear Policy: Insights From One Year Of Advancing Gender Equity Through Voluntary Commitments.”
  • Corey Hinderstein will co-chair a July 15 session on "Verification Exercises and Games." This session will feature a presentation from Irmgard Niemeyer on the Nuclear Disarmament Verification Exercise (NuDiVe) hosted in 2019 by French and German colleagues as part of the International Partnership for Nuclear Disarmament Verification (IPNDV), which NTI co-chairs.
  • NTI Senior Program Officer Leon Ratz will present “A Status Update on the NTI-CENESS Dialogue on the Future of U.S.-Russian Cooperation on Peaceful Nuclear Uses” on July 16.

There is still time to register for the INMM Annual meeting! Click here to learn more and reserve your place.

Follow along on Twitter with @NTI_WMD and @INMMTweets during the week of events.

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