Joan Rohlfing tells Effective Altruism Global conference that “we can choose” to reduce nuclear threats and build a safer world

“This is about whether or not we take seriously our generational stewardship and can create a security system that is not premised on the mass elimination of humanity, but one that embraces providing for a long- term future,” Joan Rohlfing, president and COO of NTI, told the Effective Altruism (EA) Global 2021 conference in London. In her October 30 talk, “Beyond the Precipice: A New Nuclear Paradigm for Surviving the Anthropocene,” Rohlfing discussed the increasing risk of a global catastrophic nuclear event and explored pathways to build a safer nuclear future. Throughout her presentation, she made the case for why reducing catastrophic nuclear risks should be a priority for the EA community in its mission to safeguard the long-term future of humanity.

See a full transcript of her speech, the full written text of the Q & A discussion after, or watch the full presentation here.

NTI | bio Senior Fellow Jaime Yassif also spoke at the conference, where she led a discussion on preventing global catastrophic biological risks.

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