North Korea Tests Never-Before-Seen Missile: Analysis, Model and B-Roll Available

new analysis conducted by the James Martin Center for Nonproliferation Studies (CNS) of Monday’s North Korea missile launch indicates that the country used a never-before-seen missile and reentry vehicle.

While the missiles were initially presumed to be Nodong-type missiles, close analysis indicates they are a never-before-seen variant of the Scud, known as the Extended Range or ER Scud.  These launches took place on Monday September 6, 2016 while world leaders met in Hangzhou, China for the G-20 summit. During this test, North Korea displayed a new type of reentry vehicle that had previously only been seen in Iran several years earlier.

In his analysis of Monday’s test launch, CNS East Asia Nonproliferation Program Director, Jeffrey Lewis, said: “The pictures are the first images of the ER Scud that have been seen publicly and raise significant proliferation concerns.”

Following this new development, NTI and CNS today released a 3D model of the new ER Scud and reentry vehicle, illustrating their specifications and dimensions, and new high quality, high resolution B-roll footage of North Korea’s ballistic missile fleet. This new B-roll contains all of North Korea’s ballistic missile fleet to date with a green screen background that can be customized and annotated for use in broadcast coverage.

North Korean Ballistic Missiles B-Roll 
(Low-Resolution Preview)

North Korean ER Scud 3D Model

Click the play button to learn more about the ER Scud with this interactive 3D model

Other B-roll in the NTI and CNS
North Korea collection includes North Korea’s Sohae Satellite Launching Station (the
site of a recent Satellite Launch Vehicle test), North
Korea’s Satellite Launch Vehicles
 (SLVs), North Korea’s Punggye-ri
Nuclear Test Site
 (where there has been recent construction activity),
and North Korea’s Yongbyon Reactors (one of
which produces the plutonium for North Korea’s nuclear weapons
program). The footage is free to use with the following attribution:
“Created by the James Martin Center for Nonproliferation Studies for the
Nuclear Threat Initiative.” 

A separate collection of 3D facility videos expands
on the B-roll footage with background and additional details about the
proliferation sensitivities of North Korea’s nuclear and missile facilities,
including: Punggye-ri Nuclear Test FacilityYongbyon
Uranium Enrichment Facility
Satellite Launching Station
5MWe Reactor
Tonghae Satellite Launching GroundYongbyon Light Water Reactor

For additional inquiries about using
this footage, or to consult with an expert, please contact Anne Pellegrino, [email protected].

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