NTI Co-Chair Ted Turner Pens Article on the Future of Global Aid

The Chronicle of Philanthropy
published an
by NTI Co-Chair Ted Turner
on the future of global aid.

 Access to the
is by subscription only, but key excerpts are below:

Support collective action. We are not
a world of foreigners; we are a world of neighbors whose fates and futures are
connected. It’s simple: Divided we fall, united we rise. The only way we’re
going to conquer obstacles now or in the future is to embrace our common
humanity and work together.”

“Support U.S. leadership globally. … Today’s biggest issues — climate change, nuclear
proliferation, terrorism, and more — aren’t confined by borders. They are
global in scope and must be global in response. Our country is stronger — and
the world is better off — when America partners with others and leads on the
international stage. That’s why a key part of the UN Foundation’s work has been
to educate and engage Americans, including policy makers in Washington.”

“Go big on big problems. … The
biggest threats to humanity today … don’t have simple solutions or they would
already be fixed. We have to try to figure them out, though, not only because
it’s the right thing to do but also because history tells us that progress is
possible when we act. We live in an era of astounding technologies, resources,
and knowledge; now we need the will.”

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#CranesForOurFuture Takes Flight August 4-9

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