NTI Highlights Growing Cyber Threat to Nuclear Systems in Bulletin of the Atomic Scientists article

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Page Stoutland, NTI’s Vice President for Scientific and
Technical Affairs, draws attention to the possibility of a cyber breach to
nuclear systems in a new
for Bulletin of the Atomic

“What if the targets compromised in a cyberattack were not
just e-mail accounts or even banking systems, but nuclear weapons (or related
systems)?” Stoutland asks. He explains that unfortunately, this scenario is plausible,
noting that “although nations give the highest priority to the security of
nuclear weapons systems, a successful cyberattack is possible and could be
catastrophic.” Read the full article here.

How can such a potentially devastating attack be
avoided? NTI is working with partners to develop steps nuclear facility
operators can take to bolster cyber systems and defend against such a breach.
Learn more about our cyber nuclear security work here, and read our report with
recommendations for improving cyber security at nuclear facilities, Outpacing Cyber Threats, here.

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