NTI Signs the 2018 Paris Cyber Call for Trust and Security in Cyberspace to Support Protections for Critical Infrastructure

The Nuclear Threat Initiative (NTI) has joined more
than 400 supporters of the 2018
Paris Call for Trust and Security in Cyberspace
, designed to address
and improve the current cyber environment through norm development and
heightened security of critical infrastructure. The Paris Call was launched on
November 12, 2018 by French President Emmanuel Macron and is a high-level
declaration on developing international common principles for securing
cyberspace. Fifty-seven nations and more than 300 technology firms have joined
the Paris Call.

The Paris Call specifically promotes international
norms against cyberattacks to build confidence and trust. NTI works to address the
security risks cyber threats pose to nuclear facilities—one type of critical
infrastructure, the sabotage of which could lead to a dangerous release of
radiation. NTI addresses these threats by facilitating cooperation and information
sharing among global partners.

In particular, the Paris Call affirms that parties
should work together to:

  •      Prevent and recover from malicious cyber
    activities that threaten or cause significant, indiscriminate or systemic harm
    to individuals and critical infrastructure;
  •      Promote the widespread acceptance and
    implementation of international norms of responsible behavior as well as
    confidence-building measures in cybersecurity;
  •      Strengthen the security of digital
    processes, products, and services, throughout their lifecycle and supply chain

A full list of 2018 Paris Cyber Call Signatories can
be found here

NTI’s Cyber-Nuclear Work

Nuclear Threat Initiative seeks to capture the opportunities new and emerging
technologies afford while working to reduce the impact of their malevolent use,
including the growing and potentially catastrophic cyber threat to nuclear
systems and facilities around the world. Our recent publications include:

Weapons in the New Cyber Age
addresses NTI’s cyber-nuclear
weapons study group’s chilling conclusion that a successful cyberattack on
nuclear weapons or related systems—including nuclear planning systems, early
warning systems, communication systems, and delivery systems, in addition to
the nuclear weapons themselves—could have catastrophic consequences.

NTI’s report, Outpacing
Cyber Threats: Priorities for Cybersecurity at Nuclear Facilities
takes a fresh look at cybersecurity at nuclear facilities and offers a set of
ambitious, forward-leaning priorities and recommendations.

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