NTI Supports Vatican Conference on Disarmament

The Vatican is hosting a two-day
high-level international symposium
on a nuclear-weapons-free world this
week, against the backdrop of an escalating nuclear tensions. As part of its
public education mission and commitment to the vision and steps toward a world
without nuclear weapons, the Nuclear Threat Initiative provided support for the
event, which will include 11 Nobel peace laureates, top United Nations and NATO
officials, leading experts, ‎heads of major foundations and civil society
organizations, as well representatives of bishops’ conferences, Christian denominations
and other faiths. The November 10-11 conference is called “Prospects for a
World Free from Nuclear Weapons and for Integral Disarmament.”

organizations see nuclear weapons policy through a moral and ethical prism, and
NTI has helped highlight this important perspective. The Kroc Institute
for International Peace Studies at
University of Notre Dame, working with Georgetown University’s Berkley Center
and Boston College, has been a key NTI partner in both public events and
private meetings designed to build expertise and engagement within the Catholic

staff will accompany the event’s only student delegation, with participation
from University of
Notre Dame, Georgetown University, Catholic
University of America, Loyola University Chicago.

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