Sam Nunn and Richard Lugar in The Washington Post: What to Do If the Talks with North Korea Succeed

If a deal including North Korean denuclearization is reached
during upcoming talks between North Korea and the United States, what steps
would be necessary to verifiably dismantle and remove the North’s nuclear

In a new
in The Washington Post,
former Senators Sam Nunn and Richard Lugar encourage leaders to use the
Nunn-Lugar Soviet Nuclear Threat Reduction Act of 1991, also known as the Cooperative Threat Reduction Program, as a model.

“Economic, military and diplomatic pressure helped bring the
North Koreans to the table, but reaching a successful agreement will require
carrots as well as sticks… Can we develop tools that incentivize
dismantlement and verification, as well economic benefits, to occur
concurrently? History shows the answer is yes,” Nunn and Lugar wrote.

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