Statement from Ernest J. Moniz, Sam Nunn, and Joan Rohlfing on Ceasing Russia’s Invasion of Ukraine

Russia’s unjustified military attack on Ukraine is a clear violation of international law and Russia’s previous commitments. If not ended promptly, this brutal invasion will take a horrific toll on the Ukrainian people, result in significant Russian casualties, and upend the global community and economy. No country – including Russia – will escape the disastrous immediate and secondary effects of this unnecessary war. We call on President Putin to cease the attack and return to diplomacy for a lasting solution to regional security concerns.

The risk of escalation or blunder leading to an even wider war in Europe is real. President Putin’s implicit threat of nuclear weapons to deter outside interference with his invasion of Ukraine is very dangerous and increases the risks of catastrophic mistakes. Diplomacy is the only sensible path to settling the conflict in Donbas and building a European security architecture that can provide security for all countries in the Euro-Atlantic region, including Ukraine and Russia.

We extend our heartfelt support to the many Ukrainian counterparts with whom NTI has worked since 2001. Ukraine is a strong partner on nuclear nonproliferation, nuclear security, and biosecurity issues, and NTI looks forward to continued partnership with the Ukrainian government and people on these issues going forward. We also look forward to renewing important work on catastrophic risk reduction with Russian colleagues, when diplomacy is restored as the only viable path to peace and security.

We also call on all sides to refrain from attacks on critical civilian infrastructure, especially nuclear power plants and chemical facilities.

We call on Russia to respect Ukraine’s sovereignty as an independent nation. We call on Russia to withdraw its military forces from Ukraine. We call on all parties to de-escalate the current crisis and get back to the negotiating table to agree on practical and enduring steps that will end this conflict and make future ones less likely.

NTI Resources on the War in Ukraine


NTI Resources on the War in Ukraine

As the war in Ukraine continues, destroying cities and causing the worst humanitarian crisis in Europe in a generation, NTI’s policy experts are fanning out across the news media to discuss the implications of Putin’s actions

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