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North Korea is in the headlines again this week after
conducting new tests of its rocket launch systems and short-range ballistic
missiles. The short-range ballistic missiles that were tested are
believed to be solid fueled, a more technically advanced type of fuel that
allows for the missiles to be deployed faster. It had been about 18-months
since North Korea had conducted such tests. So why now? Experts are still
speculating, but global reactions have condemned the tests as they violate UN
sanctions that oblige North Korea to suspend activities and testing of
ballistic missiles.

Get background information on North Korea’s nuclear and
missile capabilities with NTI’s resources:

Korea Country Profile

Korea Missile Test Database

A Path Forward on North
Korea: An Interview with Former President Jimmy Carter
 – A video interview with former President Jimmy
Carter, who recommends a “step-by-step process” for negotiations with
North Korea.

The “Art” of the
Deal: Irreconcilable Visions of a Denuclearized North Korea?
– Analysis and
interactive about efforts to denuclearize North Korea and the U.S.-North Korea

North Korea’s Bomb in a Museum: a 3D Virtual Tour
– Analysis and virtual
reality tour of North Korea’s missile and nuclear capabilities. 

on North Korea’s Missile Infrastructure

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