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Chinese Command Sees Multiple Threats to Nukes

The Chinese military's nuclear missile command sees a number of potential threats to its strategic assets, including assaults by enemy special forces troops or targeted missile attacks, the Washington Times on Thursday quoted a former senior U.S. defense official as saying.

“The fears of the 2nd Artillery Corps, China's strategic missile force, are revealed in reports published by China's Rocket Force News that training exercises have emphasized strategies to counter air attacks, attacks by special forces, electromagnetic jamming, live-troop reconnaissance, and network attacks using hackers and computer viruses,” Michael Pillsbury, a Reagan-era assistant Defense undersecretary, wrote in the journal "Survival."

U.S. Strategic Forces head Gen. Robert Kehler has indicated that the armed forces are capable of conducting computer strikes on nuclear operations in other nations, the Times reported last summer. Washington is already widely believed to have collaborated with Israel to unleash Stuxnet malware on Iran's uranium centrifuge operations.

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