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Czech Chemical Response Personnel Advising Jordan on Syrian Threat

Specially trained military personnel from the Czech Republic are in Jordan to offer guidance on how to respond to a feared chemical weapons attack by Syria, Foreign Policy reported last week.

"We have our antichemical units in the Gulf, in Kuwait  ... we do have some cooperation now with Jordan because of the danger with Syria," Czech Defense Minister Alexandr Vondra said in an interview.

The U.S. military in October was reported to have deployed a large number of advisers to help Amman strategize and plan for contingency scenarios that might erupt involving Syria's chemical weapons.

Syria is understood to have a large and operational chemical arsenal, encompassing blister and nerve agents that can be delivered via air-dropped bombs, missiles and rockets. Syria's neighbors are concerned the besieged Bashar Assad regime might decide to carry out chemical attacks if it determines no other options are available to stave off regime collapse. There are also worries that chaos from the Syrian civil war could enable nonstate actors to seize some chemical warfare materials.

There is no sign yet that the Syrian government has lost control of any biological or chemical warfare materials, according to reports.

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