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Pakistani Tactical Nuclear Arms Intended For "Limited War," Expert Says

Pakistan's development of lower-yield nuclear warheads that can be fired by tactical missiles is intended for a potential "limited war" with India, a former senior Pakistani diplomat said on Thursday (see GSN, July 20, 2011).

One-time Foreign Secretary Tanvir Ahmad Khan told attendees of a forum in Islamabad the Pakistani army began stockpiling nuclear-capable short-range missiles as a response to Indian military planners development of a war strategy that would focus on conducting quick targeted strikes inside Pakistan, Kyodo News reported (see GSN, April 21, 2011).

The solid-fueled Nasr ballistic missile, also known as the Hatf 9, can travel just over 37 miles and was designed to carry lower-yield nuclear warheads, Ahmad said.

Pakistani analyst Nusrat Mirza confirmed in an interview with Kyodo the South Asian country has been working on lower-yield warheads and their delivery systems.

In spring 2011, the military said it test-fired a Nasr missile that is road-mobile (Kyodo News/Mainichi Daily News, May 4).

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