Sam Nunn and Helmut Schmidt Stress Cooperation Ahead of May's NATO Summit

Writing in The International Herald Tribune the week before a "Jumbo Ministerial" meeting of NATO countries and the month before NATO's Chicago Summit, Sam Nunn and Helmut Schmidt describe steps to reduce nuclear dangers, including undertaking missile defense cooperation between NATO and Russia, increasing warning and decision time for political and military leaders and reforming NATO nuclear policy.

Nunn and Schmidt challenge policymakers to consider how NATO can make a positive contribution to nuclear threat reduction, noting that while "America bears a special responsibility, nuclear policy must also be addressed within Europe, and NATO allies should strive to move together with a sense of urgency on core nuclear issues."

They call for enhanced transatlantic cooperation, urging NATO and Russian leaders to act on common security interests and seize this historic opportunity. 

Read the full op-ed, which includes specific recommendations for Chicago.

April 14, 2012

NTI co-chairman Sam Nunn and former chancellor of Germany Helmut Schmidt make recommendations to reduce nuclear dangers ahead of NATO's Chicago Summit in May in the International Herald Tribune.

Helmut Schmidt

Former Chancellor of Germany